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    We were invited to collaborate with the Canadian magazine Pica, volume 3, that was launched on the 2nd November at the l’UQAM Design Center. In the magazine, alongside work by many artists and designers, you can check or contribution for the theme "process".


    One of the latest Make it Public projects – the Process Postcards – made the "process" behind our work public. You can check out the result here.

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Conversas XXI – XXX – Third Publication

  We recently showed you the project “Conversas” and their second pulblication, now we would like to show you the third, featuring the latest talks and presentations. This is a great example of a project made with love and for the sake of creating something meaningful and for the community. All talks are free and everyone … Continue reading

CONVERSAS XI-XX | Second Edition

CONVERSAS Conversas is a series of informal talks and/or meetings that present and discuss projects from diverse creative areas. The project was created by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes, and takes place every Wednesday in Lisbon, Portugal. The entrance is free and the discussions will be held in English whenever necessary, with the promise of never … Continue reading

RISO PRINTING – Creative Review October Issue

The CR October issue  have a major feature on the rise of Riso printing and at the blog you can read an entreview to Stuart Geddes, the graphic designer behind  A Small Press in Melbourne. “Our forthcoming October issue (out next week) has a major feature on the rise of Riso – the photocopier-like printers that have … Continue reading

Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love?

– Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love?   by Mark McGuinness – Everyone thinks they have a book inside them, but not so many make the time and effort to bring it to birth. For ‘book’ you could substitute ‘screenplay’, ‘album’, ‘startup’, or ‘crocheted iPad case for your Etsy shop’. All of these are … Continue reading


  BRANCHIE – contemporary culture network and publishing – is a project that dwells with contemporary culture, more specifically Italian independent culture. Branchie is a blog, an online archive of information, and a publisher of limited editions magazines and fanzines. And more than that, it proposes to be a space for union and debate about independent … Continue reading

Micro Festival

  For our great joy, events and festivals about Independent Publishing keep poping out all over the world. This one comes from Milan, Italy. – MICRO – independent publishing festival in Milan is organized by La Caffettiera, a creative pot founded by Marco Nicotra of BOLO Paper and Giuliana Tammaro of BRANCHIE, in collaboration with Art Kitchen . MICRO will take place … Continue reading

PYSK mag/zine

It’s great when we open our inbox and surprises like this pop up! PYSK is a zine created by Marta Niedbał during her classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and  was the prize winner at X International Biennial of Students Graphic Design AGRAFA 2012. This is another project that shows the great interest that lives around … Continue reading

mus(a)eu(m) – The Curator as Editor

— originally posted on manystuff —   mus(a)eu(m) – The Curator as Editor   The contemporary notion of the Museum tends progressively to become closer to the original. Nowadays is denoted, by some modern institutions, a growing reformulation and consequent adoption of some of the founding principles of the ancient institutions as the Museum Akademia … Continue reading

Feira Laica #20

Another edition of Feira Laica is coming! Mark on your calendar – 30th June to 1st July, on Palácio de Laguares, Lisboa. Feira Laica is an event all about indepent editions and the do-it-yourself mentality.  This time around, besides the opportunity to buy amazing independent stuff, it’ll also have exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and much more. … Continue reading

Breaking Out Of A Destructive Do-It-Yourself Mentality

Here at Make it Public, and in most sites and projects that discuss independent production, we usually focus our attention on the positives aspects of DIY and self-production. But some projects can prove to be more than one can handle, and knowing when to look for help and collaboration is another crucial aspect of these … Continue reading