CODEX week-end (exhibition,talk,book fair)

  CODEX Two ways of looking at contemporary forms of publishing in art and design, by Hypertexte and Manystuff. Many artistically independent and financially autonomous editorial structures renew the forms, the formats and the modes of addressing and distributing the printed object. This “scene” develops under the impetuous of passionate artists, graphic designers, authors, publishers … Continue reading

An Introduction to Graphic Design

INTRODUCTION Broadly defined, graphic designers (sometimes referred to as “communication designers”) are the visual ambassadors of ideas: their role is to translate, communicate — and occasionally even agitate — by rendering thinking as form, process and  experience. * * [“experience” is a widow (also called an orphan), a word or fragment appearing alone at the end … Continue reading

Future Living

Words: High Rise – JG Ballard / Estates – Lynsey Hanley _ One of the several fanzines and publications featured at the Anti-Design Festival, London.

European Design Day