Open Books

Perpetual Proposal is a system to initiate and record the flow of books within an exhibition as reading room. The Books (selected by Sophie Demay and Charlotte Cheetham) all deal with the form and content of the book as a subject. Being interested in mathematician and librarian S.R. Raganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science*, Fay … Continue reading

De Zines Opening in Zaragoza

De Zines exhibition (curated and designed by Roberto Vidal and Óscar Martín) reopened in Sala de Exposiciones de Caja Madrid in Zaragoza last 25th of January. This time incorporates a number of new publications that weren´t showed on the first round: Belleza Infinita Editions, Síndrome de Diógenes, Escrito a Lápiz, Condiciones y efectos personales by … Continue reading

Dear reader – vol. 1

Here we present another publication iniciated by designers. More and more often, these creative minds search for ways of expressing their own views and ideas, and for designers a physical publication has always had an undeniable charm. As the authors themselves put it: “Dear Reader was created partly from a primordial graphic designers’ urge to … Continue reading