mus(a)eu(m) – The Curator as Editor

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mus(a)eu(m) – The Curator as Editor


The contemporary notion of the Museum tends progressively to become closer to the original. Nowadays is denoted, by some modern institutions, a growing reformulation and consequent adoption of some of the founding principles of the ancient institutions as the Museum Akademia / Library of Plato in Athens or the Musaeum at Alexandria. These were spaces mainly devoted to study and speculation and curiously were more related with printed matter rather than the mere display and accumulation of objects. In addition, publishing is taking a more determinant role within the institution, working as a new exhibition space or a new medium. A space opened to a new curatorial, artistic and institutional discourse.
Editing and Curating share a wide territory. Both work with material from other authors and both function as an aggregating and transforming practice. Both are reading “facilitators” and orienteers. In short, both work as a mechanism for structuring a speech given by several voices but with a common tone, set by the publisher or the curator.


The mus(a)eu(m) workshop will approach these matters and during 3 days (6,7,8 of July) a room at Fundação Serralves, in Porto, will simultaneously be the place for discussion, speculation, production and exhibition. The workshop will be held by Marco Balesteros and 14 invited participants.


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