PYSK mag/zine

It’s great when we open our inbox and surprises like this pop up!

PYSK is a zine created by Marta Niedbał during her classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and  was the prize winner at X International Biennial of Students Graphic Design AGRAFA 2012. This is another project that shows the great interest that lives around the printed world, and the creativity that young minds add to it. We really liked the use of different materials — the different paper colors and the screen-printed blue give life to the whole object, and one doesn’t notice that in fact it’s printed in black and white. Most zines have that “low-fi” look and PYSK smartly maneuvers that issue.

“We had to design a zine about a topic that interested us. I decided to choose a content about culture, retro, art of recovery… Pysk was printed on three types of paper. One of them is an old paper found in my family home. I screen-printed the blue color, except that Pysk is in black and white.”

You can find out more about this publication and Marta Niedbał’s work in her website.

Good work Marta, and thank you for sharing it with us!

— About —

Marta Niedbał
Born and raised in Poland. Since 2006 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Faculity of Graphic Arts. In 2010 she was studying Graphic Design at University of Art,London Collage of Communication due to the Erasmus program.
In 2011 she was working as an intern at studio in Prague andParastudio in Cracow. Now she’s currently back in Cracow and available for freelance work, ranging from visual arts like painting, illustration, animation, print, branding and web design.
Participated in many exhibitions and art projects taking place in Poland, Italy, Germany, Turkey and United Kingdom. Winner of graphic art competitions. Four time scholar in the field of Visual Arts.


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