RISO PRINTING – Creative Review October Issue

The CR October issue  have a major feature on the rise of Riso printing and at the blog you can read an entreview to Stuart Geddes, the graphic designer behind  A Small Press in Melbourne. “Our forthcoming October issue (out next week) has a major feature on the rise of Riso – the photocopier-like printers that have … Continue reading

Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love?

– Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love?   by Mark McGuinness – Everyone thinks they have a book inside them, but not so many make the time and effort to bring it to birth. For ‘book’ you could substitute ‘screenplay’, ‘album’, ‘startup’, or ‘crocheted iPad case for your Etsy shop’. All of these are … Continue reading


  BRANCHIE – contemporary culture network and publishing – is a project that dwells with contemporary culture, more specifically Italian independent culture. Branchie is a blog, an online archive of information, and a publisher of limited editions magazines and fanzines. And more than that, it proposes to be a space for union and debate about independent … Continue reading