CONVERSAS XI-XX | Second Edition


Conversas is a series of informal talks and/or meetings that present and discuss projects from diverse creative areas. The project was created by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes, and takes place every Wednesday in Lisbon, Portugal.
The entrance is free and the discussions will be held in English whenever necessary, with the promise of never being long or boring.

“From edition XI to XX, we talked and gathered a set of key ideas that could synthesize a bit the talks we presented and enable an open dialogue with the readers. For this purpose, we designed a publication/archive, built by a group of people who, even not knowing each other, were able to dialogue: Mr Vítor, from the VMMG print studio, donated the A3 sheets he had for the cover of the presentation; Mr Ilídio, bookbinder, helped in choosing the paper and the final settings, sewing and coloring each publication; Mafalda gave us the threads, Epson lent us a printer so we could test the prints; and Mr João’s team, from the local municipality of Sé, gave all the support we needed to print all publications.
(Thanks to all of you for helping us design and bring to paper the second edition of Conversas.) ” Joana Durães.

Reservation of copies and mailing requests:
Nacional Mailing (Portugal): 7 euros
Europe International Mailing: 8 euros
World International Mailing: 9.5 euros

More info here


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