RISO PRINTING – Creative Review October Issue

The CR October issue  have a major feature on the rise of Riso printing and at the blog you can read an entreview to Stuart Geddes, the graphic designer behind  A Small Press in Melbourne. “Our forthcoming October issue (out next week) has a major feature on the rise of Riso – the photocopier-like printers that have … Continue reading

PYSK mag/zine

It’s great when we open our inbox and surprises like this pop up! PYSK is a zine created by Marta Niedbał during her classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and  was the prize winner at X International Biennial of Students Graphic Design AGRAFA 2012. This is another project that shows the great interest that lives around … Continue reading

“Words in practice” by Jim Northover

  Words in practice   Writing and designing are part of a continuum of communication skills — Jim Northover – published in Eye Blog | Monday, 9 January, 2012 – Graphic design has always been about words and images, writes Jim Northover. Nowadays words play an even bigger role in design practice because designers are … Continue reading

Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design

Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design (Laurence King, £48) runs to 424 pages – it’s a weighty tome in every sense. In his piece for our current issue, Rick Poynor notes that, judged by the admittedly crude metric of Google results, Bass is by far the most famous graphic designer. And yet, until … Continue reading

The end of Print

Apocalyptic previsions about the death of print have been numerous in late years, but the truth (at least for those working in print related areas) is that print has changed, it has adapted in certain areas, but it is very much alive. Even the new ipad advent doesn’t seem to scare the paper aficionados. Of … Continue reading

Is Design dead?

Here’s an interesting article that debates and questions the state of contemporary Design. Is design dead? __ Design Is Dead. Long Live Design! By Dylan F. Tweney   Design reigned supreme in the 20th century, when it was an integral part of the way artists, publishers, governments and political parties communicated to the first mass … Continue reading

An Introduction to Graphic Design

INTRODUCTION Broadly defined, graphic designers (sometimes referred to as “communication designers”) are the visual ambassadors of ideas: their role is to translate, communicate — and occasionally even agitate — by rendering thinking as form, process and  experience. * * [“experience” is a widow (also called an orphan), a word or fragment appearing alone at the end … Continue reading

Interactivity to print

Two magazine covers caught our attention this week, both of which try to introduce elements of interactivity to print. First Wallpaper*. In its Guest Editors issue (October), the magazine has collaborated with ad agency Dentsu to bring images from David Lynch and stage designer Robert WIlson ‘to life’. Dentsu used the Ombro Cinema – or … Continue reading

D.I.Y.: Design it Yourself by Tracy Jenkins

Design is, more than ever, a way to relate to the world around us. Our fascination with design, as both a process and an ideal, is reflected in the products and services that are increasingly available to the general public. We can customize nearly all the things we consume, turning mass-produced stuff into OUR stuff. … Continue reading

Good Designers learn from history by Alexander Ross Charchar