RISO PRINTING – Creative Review October Issue

The CR October issue  have a major feature on the rise of Riso printing and at the blog you can read an entreview to Stuart Geddes, the graphic designer behind  A Small Press in Melbourne. “Our forthcoming October issue (out next week) has a major feature on the rise of Riso – the photocopier-like printers that have … Continue reading


  BRANCHIE – contemporary culture network and publishing – is a project that dwells with contemporary culture, more specifically Italian independent culture. Branchie is a blog, an online archive of information, and a publisher of limited editions magazines and fanzines. And more than that, it proposes to be a space for union and debate about independent … Continue reading

PYSK mag/zine

It’s great when we open our inbox and surprises like this pop up! PYSK is a zine created by Marta Niedbał during her classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, and  was the prize winner at X International Biennial of Students Graphic Design AGRAFA 2012. This is another project that shows the great interest that lives around … Continue reading

Breaking Out Of A Destructive Do-It-Yourself Mentality

Here at Make it Public, and in most sites and projects that discuss independent production, we usually focus our attention on the positives aspects of DIY and self-production. But some projects can prove to be more than one can handle, and knowing when to look for help and collaboration is another crucial aspect of these … Continue reading


Feeling the urge to acquire some great, beautiful publications? Want some eye-candy? Then have a look at Nobrow and it’s amazing collection of publications and artists. Their shop showcases an excellent collection of publications, books, limited edition prints, toys, and much, much more! Take a look and lose yourself in so many goodies! Just follow … Continue reading

An Atlas on Modern Risography

Those of you who delve in the world of independent publications, more specifically zines, have definitely come across many low-fi, but really interesting objects. Some of them use risography as a cheap printing process, that also offers a particular esthetic look and feel. If you particularly like these type of publications, then here’s a new tool … Continue reading

Pli * Art and Design

–EN– May 3 | 18.30| FNAC Santa Catarina, Oporto, Portugal Launch of the number 2 and 3 of the revised PLI art & design, dedicated to the enthusiasm, recognizing the desire to affirm the power of art and design in times of crisis. PLI is a contemporary design magazine. What, however, does the adjective “contemporary” … Continue reading

Designers Books

Looking for some nice, rare, old design books that you can’t easily find in your everyday online store? Then here is the solution for you! — designers books   rare & out of print books reviewed by designers Share rare, old, out of print and limited edition of books and magazines with great graphic design: … Continue reading

Unit Editions

Unit Editions is another publishing venture worth knowing. Based in London, they create beautiful, well designed publications that take as much care with the visual side of the project as with the textual side. So expect eye-candy as well as brain candy! – Build’s Crouwel Poster – ThreeSix (U:D/R 03) — Unit Editions is a … Continue reading

Visual Editions at Vitsoe

  Innovative London-based publisher Visual Editions will be in residence at Vitsoe’s London shop throughout December. A playful way of presenting their publishing work. “Visual Editions is a London-based book publisher. We think that books should be as visually interesting as the stories they tell; with the visual feeding into and adding to the storytelling … Continue reading