The Idea


Make it Public is a project that originated as an academic assignment and evolved to an exploration of themes such as independent production, publishing and design.

With this project and it’s different mediums – publications/ blog/ facebook – we intend to create a space that lives around everything creative and mostly independent, meanwhile turning the spectator into part of the process, showing that if you have an idea, an opinion, you can make it public.

Originally, we explored the theme of independent production in design and ultimately created a publication that was a vehicle to take this concept to our fellow students, being it’s main objective to communicate the ideology of independent work: express your own ideas, don’t conform to what is established, make your voice heard. The result – an independent magazine designed to be produced through black and white photocopies – was an example of how to use the means and budget available, not as a limitation, but as part of the work itself.

The publication was made to be assembled by the public, allowing each person to have a critical hand in the process and therefore to create their own individual version – a way to continue the ideology of free choice inherent to independent publishing. The spreads are displayed in a way that people can chose the ones they like, organize them, fold the pages, chose a cover and bind their own version with a rubber band.

Now, besides the publication, we develop other independent side-projects and share them in our blog and facebook page, as well as discussing and showcasing projects from other creative minds and lots of news of cool stuff that comes our way.