Issue #00


The first edition of the Make it Public magazine was more a test-drive than a fully finished and tested enterprise.

The project came to be as a response to a theoretical analysis and research around the theme of independent production, more specifically independent publications. Therefore, our intention was to create our own independent publication divulging the concept and, simultaneously, divulging the projects of our classmates – independent and self-initiated projects themselves.

The idea of it being a publication that was built by the public came about as a response to the concept of independent thinking – form and means of production adapted to the specifications of the project, personal choice and proximity to the subject, alternative means of distribution.

With this in mind, we decided to create an installation presenting the project and concept, showcasing the spreads and all the material in a way that involved the public and made them walk through the space, in order to build their publication.

The installation was located in one landing of our Faculty, between 4 flights of stairs, making an analogy to academic life as a place of convergence and divergence of “creative paths and ideas”.

All in all it was a great experiment and we hope people had fun with it. Issue #00 gave us the fuel and motivation to carry on with the project.

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